2023, An Industry Report

The year in review.

108 Carat Fancy Intense Pink Diamond Discovered in Lesotho

Now here's a rare rock.

EU agrees new sanctions on Russia

With an import ban on diamonds

Weird and Wonderful Lab Grown Opportunities

Barça Forever!

$1m Estimates for Newman's Rolex Watches

A watch industry in motion.

Luxury brands are having a moment, but a new Apple product is providing tough competition for the cheaper segment.

The Engagement 2022

Planning the Proposal

Diamond House opens in Dublin!

Diamond House opens in Dublin!

Rolex Officially Launches Certified Preowned Program

Recycled Diamonds and JewelryLifestyle

The Ring: 2022 average spent.

The Ring: 2017 Vs 2022

US couples spent 3% less on engagement rings last year, as lab-grown diamond center stones gained popularity.

A world record!

Most diamonds ever set in a time-piece.

LVMH Sets Record Breaking Year for 2nd Year in a Row

(source The Diamond Loupe)